Chapter 438

"That damned saucy girl doesn't even treat us as friends! She didn't even tell us about such an important matter." Like Tang Ruochu, Ying Xiaoxiao was very angry at the thought of Anyi hiding such an important matter from them. She felt both angry and distressed at the same time.

Tang Ruochu comforted her with a smile. "She must have not wanted us to worry, so she chose to not say it."

Ying Xiaoxiao snorted coldly, "Yeah right! She is the most considerate woman ever! And yet I don't appreciate it!"

Tang Ruochu smiled helplessly and then lifted her gaze to look in Song Anyi's direction. The smile on the corners of her lips faded away and a hint of worry surfaced in her eyes.

The Yangs' corruption case had affected many people. A thorough investigation would definitely bring out a string of people. Hence, in order to cover up the truth, Yang Qianqian and Han Yichen had pushed Mr. and Mrs. Song to the front to be their scapegoats.

The Yangs and the Songs were like stones and eggs. Th
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