Chapter 440

Ying Xiaoxiao raised her brows. "Of course, I'm not someone to be trifled with."

Tang Ruochu laughed and looked at her hand which had been grabbed by Han Yichen just now. There was a red circle around her wrist, which showed how strong Han Yichen was.

Tang Ruochu's heart ached. She grabbed her hand and gently caressed the red circle. "Does it hurt?"

Ying Xiaoxiao shook her head. "Nah, it's no big deal. It'll fade in a while."

Song Anyi felt very sorry about everything. "Xiaoxiao, I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble."

Hearing this, Ying Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes immediately and said unhappily, "Song Anyi, if you ever say anything like that again, I will start to ignore you."

Song Anyi could not help but smile. "Then I won't say it anymore, in case you really ignore me."

She knew Xiaoxiao and Chuchu treated her like she was their real sister and they did not like her being so formal.

Ying Xiaoxiao nodded in satisfaction. "You have a reasonable mind, that's not bad."

After s
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Annabelle Arazo
hoping for more chapters to open ....pls dont put us in suspense for the coming chapters ...
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Carol Mayse
great story but you take entirely too long to come to a conclusion. Having to wait for days to get the next chapter is annoying. Why can't you just sell us a complete book?
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Dolly Sandlin
chichi needs to get pregnant

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