Chapter 468

"Who?" Lu Shengyao asked curiously.

"Someone that you know." Tang Ruochu did not tell him directly. Instead, she let him guess.

"Someone that I know? Someone who would harm my sister-in-law's father?"

Someone flashed across his mind. He asked in suspicion, "Was it Gu Ruoruo?"

Tang Ruochu raised her brows. "Almost."

Lu Shengyao completely understood her once she responded. He spoke with conviction, "Zhao Xiaowan, Gu Ruoruo's mother."

"Shengyao, you are indeed smart." Tang Ruochu smiled as she teased him.

"That's true." Lu Shengyao raised his brows proudly before continuing, "Is Zhao Xiaowan crazy? How could she attempt to kill her own husband? If she isn't mad, her conscience must have been devoured by a dog."

His sentence turned weird, so he tried again. "No, even dogs won't want to eat her dirty conscience."

"I think she is crazy, too." Tang Ruochu curbed the smile on her lips with a cold simmer in her eyes. "She'd better be crazy, or I will really make her mad!"

"A domineer
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