Chapter 482

And she seemed so unaffected, looking absolutely normal except for a blush on her cheeks.

Her taste buds must be malfunctioning, right?

Or perhaps they were simply not eating from the same hotpot!

Lu Shengyao could not imagine how anyone could withstand such spicy food.

She must simply be extraordinary!

Ying Xiaoxiao was blowing off some steam. She kept throwing food into the hotpot, picking it out, and putting it into her mouth.

Even though she could no longer feel her mouth because it was so hot, she just kept eating.

In the end, Lu Shengyao could not take it anymore. He reached for her hand while she was holding the colander, "If you keep eating like this, your stomach is going to play up."

Ying Xiaoxiao looked up at him and saw the way he frowned as if he was worried about her.

She licked her numb lips and then said half-jokingly, "If you want me to stop eating this, you have to agree to be my boyfriend."

"Huh?" Lu Shengyao was dumbfounded, failing to understand what she
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