Capter 484

Lu Shengyao let down his guard and thought carefully for a moment. Then, he said, "I could agree to help you, but I have conditions of my own."

"What are they?" Ying Xiaoxiao could not wait to find out.

"I hope you can be more lady-like from now on, and don't be so ruthless. Having such a bad temper will make you age faster!" Lu Shengyao obviously did not have any actual conditions. Instead, he just wanted to tease her.

Ying Xiaoxiao squinted her eyes with a hint of fierceness. "Lu Shengyao, is it because I haven't been so ruthless with you today that you're simply not used to it?"

Lu Shengyao nodded nonchalantly. "It's true that I'm not used to it, but..."

He smiled and said, "You're cuter this way."

Ying Xiaoxiao did not expect to hear him say that. She was surprised, and she could not stop a blush from creeping up her fair face.

She coughed a little to disguise her shyness and asked impatiently, "So tell me! Will you help me or not?"

"I will!" Lu Shengyao raised his eyebrows
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