Chapter 509

As they watched Lu Shijin drive away, Xiao Xu could not help exclaiming, "CEO Lu is indeed as unreachable as they claimed."

Hearing him, Tang Ruochu turned her head and sized him up from head to toe, then nodded. "He's indeed much taller than you."

Shijin was over 1.8 meters tall, while Xiao Xu was exactly 1.7 meters. There was indeed some difference in their heights.

Xiao Xu was speechless. "I'm not talking about our difference in height!"

"I know, I was just teasing you." Tang Ruochu patted him on the shoulder. "Now that the video has been taken, let's go back and write our report."

Their meeting with Lu Shijin in the sports complex was just a minor episode for Tang Ruochu, but for Xiao Xu, it was...

"He's indeed astoundingly handsome in real person!"

As soon as Xiao Xu returned to the office, he started bragging about his encounter with Lu Shijin. He kept praising the latter's good looks.

"CEO Lu has always been so handsome, He's like a prince out of a comic book, so handsom
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