Chapter 521

Ying Xiaoxiao stood in the kitchen, her beautiful eyes focused on the stove in confusion.

Lu Shengyao wanted her to cook breakfast, but she didn't know how to begin.

Being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she had been living the life of an aristocrat since birth, hence she did not know how to cook.

However, someone would definitely laugh at her if she didn't cook.

Troubled, she bit her lips. "How difficult could it be to just cook breakfast?"

So she took her phone from her room and searched for a recipe online while looking for ingredients in the fridge.

There were not many ingredients in the fridge of this single man, with only a few cartons of milk and some eggs inside.

Ying Xiaoxiao was even more distraught at the sight of the empty fridge.

She wanted to slam the fridge door and leave.


She sighed while taking two cartons of milk and a few eggs out of the fridge.

She wanted to make an omelet to fill up her stomach.

However, the process was more difficult
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