Chapter 528

"As if he's telling the truth."

Ying Xiaoxiao could not help sniggering. "Don't worry, my father won't dislike you. Let's hurry in. It's not good to keep my parents waiting."

Following that, she held his arms to help him in.

"Wait." Lu Shengyao pulled her away.

"Why?" Ying Xiaoxiao turned around.

He smiled gently and removed her hand on his arm.

Ying Xiaoxiao frowned as she thought that he didn't like her holding his arm.

He held her hand and smiled. "Now we look like a couple."

The warmth in his palm seemed to fill up her heart to the brim. She smiled brilliantly, unable to control herself.

She blinked her slightly-teary eyes and smiled. "Let's go in."

The two held hands and entered the manor.


"What did you say?" Song Anyi placed her cup on the table and sat hastily on the sofa, staring in astonishment at Tang Ruochu, who was opposite her.

Tang Ruochu held up her cup and sipped on the water before replying casually, "Xiaoxiao brought Shengyao back to the Ying manor."

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