Chapter 571

The afternoon sun shone through the French window into the cafe. The sunlight fell on the glass table by the window, refracting resplendent rays of light.

Tang Ruochu listened quietly to Xiaoxiao's narration and went silent for a while. She finally spoke slowly, "Shengyao could not find a female partner to attend the charity gala dinner, so he just took her along. He didn't do it deliberately, so don't get so agitated, Xiaoxiao."

"I'm not agitated. It's just that..." Ying Xiaoxiao thought about how to express herself. "I just... feel a little unhappy."

Tang Ruochu smiled. "I can understand your feelings, but you can't control your emotions when you're in love. You should seize this opportunity while Shengyao has no girlfriend or someone he fancies to tell him your feelings. The most important thing is to take the initiative."

"But what if he doesn't like me?" It was not that Ying Xiaoxiao had never thought of revealing her feelings to Lu Shengyao, but that she was afraid of being r
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