Chapter 591

Ming Xiaoxiao's return had sparked Lu Shengyao and the rest to go all out.

Lu Shijin found them too noisy, and he was also afraid that Tang Ruochu would be feeling too tired, so the two of them left first, leaving the group behind to continue partying.

It was already late at night, and the night was dark as ink. It crept along the sides of the road and spread out. The street lights shone on the black road. It looked particularly lonely as far as the eye could see.

Tang Ruochu looked at the roads on the other side of the windshield quietly. In her mind, she was recalling a statement that Ling Yirou had said casually in the private room earlier.

"Xiaoxiao, you came back too late. Brother Shijin is already married. You don't have a chance anymore."

If Ling Yirou had not been joking, then what did the words that Ming Xiaoxiao had said at Sea Galaxy mean?

Was Ming Xiaoxiao lying? Was she deliberately trying to hide her feelings for Shijin?

Tang Ruochu pondered for a moment. Then, she
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