Chapter 595

"Lu Shengyao, what are you doing?"

Lu Shengyao walked down the quiet corridor hurriedly while pulling on Ying Xiaoxiao's hand.

Ying Xiaoxiao tried her best to break free of his grip. Her petite, beautiful face was full of anger.

"Lu Shengyao, let go of me!"

Ying Xiaoxiao shouted at the tall figure in front of her.

Suddenly, Lu Shengyao stopped in his tracks. Before Ying Xiaoxiao had the time to react, she felt her whole world spinning and her back smashed against the wall.

She frowned in pain and looked up to see Lu Shengyao closing in on her. His hands were on both sides of her head and his pair of black eyes were exceptionally clear and bright.

He was so close to her that she could clearly smell the minty fragrance wafting from him. He was already good-looking, but when the spotlight above him shone down on his face, his facial features looked even more defined and handsome.

Her heart began to beat irregularly.

She blinked and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, s
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