Chapter 599

The shareholders' meeting was a mere formality. No one could change the fact that the chairman of the Yang Group had changed.

Song Anyi had no intention of being the chairman. She just wanted to hold her head up high in front of Yang Qianqian and Han Yichen.

Yang Qianqian's expression was awfully gloomy throughout the meeting. If looks could kill, Song Anyi felt that she would have become a corpse long ago.

However, when she saw Yang Qianqian, who was resentful but could do nothing, she felt elated.

After the meeting, Song Anyi and Shen Mofei walked out of the conference room together. A broad smile had been lingering on Song Anyi's face.

"Are you in a good mood?" Shen Mofei asked softly.

"Hmm," Song Anyi replied. "Of course I'm in a good mood, as I get to see Yang Qianqian, who has always been so arrogant, suffer like this."

Shen Mofei smiled. "Then, stay in a good mood all the time."

"Okay," Song Anyi said, nodding heavily. "I'll do that."

Shen Mofei raised his hand and gent
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