Chapter 614

She muttered to herself and tapped open the message. A picture popped up.

Her pupils instantly contracted. Her eyes became fixed on the photo on her phone.

In the picture, Lu Shengyao held a woman in one hand and a glass of alcohol in the other. The resolution was low, so she could not see Lu Shengyao's expression clearly.

Obviously, some woman had sent this to provoke her.

She curved her lips into a cold smile. "I hope she doesn't mistake me for a meek lamb."

Therefore, her fingers danced on the keyboard on her phone.

"Who are you?

"Where are you?

"Tell me the address if you've got the balls!"

About 10 seconds after the message was sent, an address appeared in the chatbox.

The moment she saw it, Ying Xiaoxiao immediately rose, grabbed her bag, and walked out.

When she walked across the living room, her father saw her going out. He frowned and snapped at her. "Xiaoxiao, it's dinner time. Why are you going out?"

"I've got something to attend to. You should eat without me." Y
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