Chapter 653

Dusk descended.

In the revolving restaurant of Royal Dynasty Heights, the lights were resplendent as a melodious piano played. A faint appetizing aroma lingered in the air.

Tang Ruochu cut a small piece of beef and put it into her mouth with a fork. She chewed gently. Her eyelids were half open as her gaze fell on Lu Shijin's face opposite her.

The wan, yellowish light of the lamp overhead fell on the side of his nose, giving his features a more deep-set and handsome profile.

Tang Ruochu swallowed the piece of steak and then asked casually, "Shijing, is it okay for us not to go back to the Lu family?"

Lu Shijin raised his eyes and stared at her, smiling. "It's okay."

Tang Ruochu nodded and no longer asked any more questions. If he said it was okay, it would be.

Then she changed the subject. "I have chosen Shen Qian as the lead actress of our movie."

"Shen Qian?" Lu Shijin was a little surprised. "You mean that actress from Tanghai?"

Tang Ruochu murmured an assent. "That Shen Q
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