Chapter 661

In the confrontation between the father and son, neither party was willing to give in. The atmosphere became tense, almost as if they were ready to cross swords.

In the end, Lu Shijin pulled Tang Ruochu away and left the house without the slightest hesitation. He showed Lu Dingbang his determined stance.

Although he had long expected this outcome, Lu Dingbang was still enraged by Lu Shijin's insolence.

"Azhi, just look at him! Totally insolent and not respecting me at all as a father. How can I leave everything in his hands?"

When she heard him say he intended to leave everything to Lu Shijin, a flicker of malice flashed across Lin Xuezhi's eyes. She quickly disguised it, then she reached out and gently patted Lu Dingbang's chest, consoling him tenderly. "You can't force a lad like Shijin. The more you do that, the more he will resist you. We must talk to him nicely."

"How to talk to him nicely?" Lu Dingbang still sounded very harsh.

Lin Xuezhi thought for a moment, then she said
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Oksana Gerten
How many chapters left? We are already on 661 and none of the couples resolved their situations to be and stay happy. One depressed chapter after another. So many evil and greedy people.
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Philippa Tompkins
Omg I agree. I pay money and then u have to wait to read
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Georginia Fitzpatrick
I'm not happy. Too short in these chapters. It's becoming tiring to wait wait and spent too much money on this book alone.

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