Chapter 697

The air in the ward was still.

An emotionless Uncle Zhao gazed at Gu Ruoruo, who had a triumphant look on her face. After a while, he said, "So what do you want?"

Gu Ruoruo smirked. "Take the money I’ve given to you back home, and I believe that your daughter-in-law's attitude toward you will be completely different."

"Are you even that kind?" Uncle Zhao knew what kind of people Zhao Xiaowan and her daughter were. She was certainly not about to give him money just like that.

"I'm not," Gu Ruoruo admitted frankly. Then, she stated her purpose, "I want you to tell the police that you fell down the stairs yourself when they take your statement. Tell them that you fell on your own and it has nothing to do with my mother."

Uncle Zhao was not even surprised after he heard what she had to say. It was as if he already knew that she would have such an intention.

Uncle Zhao reached for the check on the bedside table and looked at the amount on the check as he smiled. "Ms. Gu, half a
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