Chapter 704

Han Yichen swept his gaze over Shen Mofei only to see the latter hold Mr. Song indifferently as if everything that transpired earlier had nothing to do with him.

He quietly clenched his hands on either side. He could not deny that Shen Mofei's background and looks were better than his, but he was bitter, bitter that he had lost to Shen Mofei.

He could not love Song Anyi, but he had to love his own self-esteem.

He knew that the moment he left, it would be difficult for him to get close to Song Anyi, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Song again.

So, he could not just leave like that.

What happened next made Song Anyi, Mr. Song, and Mrs. Song stare at him in shock. There was even a fluctuation in the calm eyes of the indifferent Shen Mofei.

Han Yichen had suddenly knelt on the ground.

"Uncle, Auntie..." He looked at Mr. Song and Mrs. Song apologetically as his eyes slowly turned red. "I was too selfish back then, causing you harm and letting all of you down. I'm really sorry, really r
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