Chapter 713

Tang Ruochu, as well as Uncle Zhao, formally lodged a criminal case against Zhao Xiaowan in court, and the charges included deliberate homicide, attempted homicide, and forgery of documents. If the charges were upheld and she was convicted, Zhao Xiaowan would have to spend over ten years in prison at the very least.

As for the case of Tang Song's breathing tube being cut, there was surveillance video that could be used as evidence. Even if Zhao Xiaowan denied that the person in the video was her, technical analysis had already confirmed that the person was indeed Zhao Xiaowan.

There was also the case of forging the equity transfer letter. After they sent it for forensic handwriting analysis, while there was some resemblance in the signature, Tang Song was not the one who signed it.

The charges for the two cases were set against Zhao Xiaowan, but she had applied for bail, pending trial, because of her health. The hearings for both cases had also been temporarily postponed.

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