Chapter 716

Xing Qi’s approach to the matter was that he would not force it, but he would not stop it either.

"Ruoruo, what should I do?" Zhao Xiaowan was completely panicking now. She did not want to be examined. She had faked her illness. It was all an act for her to avoid the strong arm of the law.

If she were examined by the doctor Tang Ruochu had found, everything would be exposed.

More severe punishment would be awaiting her.

No, she did not want to go to jail. She did not want to go to jail!

Guo Ruoruo went straight to Tang Ruochu and stared at her sullenly. "Tang Ruochu, why can't you let my mother go? Even if she really hurt Dad before, it was just due to a momentary lapse of judgment. Can't you forgive her?"

Her words were straight-up ridiculous.

Tang Ruochu burst out laughing. "Gu Ruoruo, how can you still be so shameless? How can someone forgive your mother after the repugnant things she’s done? My dad almost died, Uncle Zhao almost died too. Such serious matters can’t b
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