Chapter 720

Seeing how dark her eye bags were, they also knew that she had not been sleeping well, and their hearts ached even more.

Song Anyi walked over, sat next to her, and gently placed her hand on her shoulder as she softly asked, "How about we accompany you out for a walk and some relaxation? You'll start to dwell on stuff when you’re bored at home."

"That's right. Let's go shopping," Ying Xiaoxiao echoed.

Shijin was busy at work, but he deliberately took his work home to accompany her for several days. Later on, she found that it was too troublesome for him and forbade him from doing it again.

Despite that, he was worried about leaving her alone at home, so he called Xiaoxiao and Anyi to keep her company.

She saw the worry in their eyes, and if she worried them anymore, she would really feel bad.

The person was already dead, and it would be right for her to assume that everything was in the past. She still needed to carry on with her life.

She smiled and nodded. "Okay, let's
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