Mrs Rutherford: Then let's go and talk to the owner of this rental house.

She replied and stood up. I also stood up and we both walked towards the door. I opened the door and we stepped out of the house. I took her to the owner's house and rang the doorbell. He opened the door in a minute. He looked at Mrs Rutherford and bowed his head in respect.

Mr Grill: Mrs Rutherford, you came to my house. This must be my lucky day.

Mr Grill said and that made me think who she actually was. I was staring at them both with my mouth agape. Mrs Rutherford cleared her throat and I came back to reality. Mrs Rutherford signalled Mr Grill and he opened the door wide for us to come in.

Mrs Rutherford did not waste any more time. She pulled out her phone from her bag and opened the gallery. Mrs Rutherford

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