My mother stopped the car in front of the same building I had spent a year in. It was the worst nightmare of my life. She hopped out of the car and grabbed my hair. She pulled my hair and I stepped out of the car. Dragging me by my hair, she took me into the same bedroom where Hendrick had abused me for months.

Cassie: Stop it. Why are you doing this? I did not do anything. Why do you hate me this much? You are my mother. You have already done enough to destroy my life. What else do you want?

I yelled at her as she pushed me on a chair. Her gun was still pointed at my head, that was why I did not move. She pulled the police mark band and tied my hands and legs with the chair. She then backed away and started laughing hysterically.

Christy: Me, your mother. How funny is this? You were adopted. Your mothe

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