Chapter 11 You Should Change Your Term of Address

Hua Sheng hesitated for a while before eventually saying, "Dad, Mum."

Her voice was not very loud, but Jiang Liu and his parents could hear her very clearly.

"What a darling."

Madam Jiang was not very willing to accept Hua Sheng as her daughter-in-law, but there was not much she could do now. Furthermore, the young lady looked extremely well-groomed.

The girl's exceptional looks helped reduce the animosity a little.

Old Mister Jiang nodded his head gently. After all, the young lady had shown them much respect, and he should return the favor, regardless of his misgivings about the marriage.

Furthermore, the Jiangs were old friends with the Huas. Even though the latter was facing tough times, him disrespect their daughter would not do.

It was for this reason that Old Mister and Madam Jiang gave Hua Sheng a tidy amount of money, usually prepared by the groom's parents for their new daughter-in-law.

For an extremely wealthy family like them, the amount they gave her would not be as "small" as the usual range of about 20,000 dollars.

Madam Jiang fished out a black credit card and stuffed it into Hua Sheng's hand.

"This is a little something from me and your father-in-law."

Hua Sheng glanced at Jiang Liu. He signaled to her that it was all right for her to keep it.

She nodded, accepting the gift. "Thank you, Dad and Mum."

"Please sit," they replied. In reality, they did not really dislike her, but everything had happened too suddenly for them.

Moments ago, they were attending someone else's wedding ceremony as guests. They did not expect to suddenly be receiving a new daughter-in-law right after the banquet!

It was a little hard for them to accept that their son had just married someone who should have been the Xies' daughter-in-law.

Somehow, their beloved son Jiang Liu had instigated all of this.

Hua Sheng nodded and sat on the oriental sofa opposite her elders, her posture extremely dignified and elegant-looking.

Jiang Liu observed his wife extremely carefully and realized that she did not look like a young woman in her early 20s.

Her movements were befitting of a mature and steady individual who should be much older than her.

"Our son has told us everything about what happened between you two. All of it happened so suddenly that my wife and I were caught completely off guard. However, since we've officially recognized you as our daughter-in-law, we will treat you well. Our families have always been friends, and we will definitely send over wedding gifts and organize a proper wedding ceremony for both of you, we won't make you feel let down. We only have one son, and we don't expect much from you and him, except that you two lead a stable lifestyle and our family lives harmoniously together."

Old Mister Jiang knew how to go with the flow. After all, he was an influential figure who had been through many major happenings.

He could have made things hard for his new daughter-in-law, but he didn't.

There was a saying that the greater the person, the more humble and polite he or she would be.

Thus far, he was showing great respect to Hua Sheng and her family.

Secretly, the young woman felt relieved; she sensed that it would be easy to get along with her in-laws.

"There's no need to arrange for gifts and another ceremony, Dad. Personally, I believe that marriage is something between two people and the matter has already been blown out of proportion. I don't wish for our families to become fodder for gossip... Why don't we handle this as low-key as we can? We should talk about these matters when the right opportunity presents itself in the future."

Jiang Liu was a little taken aback by how opinionated Hua Sheng was.

Her suggestion suited him. He did not like to maintain a high profile, very much unlike Xie Dongyang.

Even though they were sons from rich families, they were polar opposites.

One liked to appear on the front page of news, while the other worked quietly in his office, occasionally engaging in productive hobbies like basketball.

Old Mister and Madam Jiang glanced at each other after hearing Hua Sheng.

"All right, we'll do it your way then."

Jiang Liu and his wife spoke to his parents for a while longer before retiring to bed upstairs.

Upon entering their room, Hua Sheng immediately handed the black credit card back to Jiang Liu.

"What's the meaning of this?" he asked, looking at her still with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

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