Chapter 82 All Eyes on Them

No one expected that Jiang Liu's mysterious lady would come.

They all were surprised except for Qin Wanyu, who had asked Jiang Liu before and knew that there was a chance his wife would come.

Both Gao He and Wang Junxian were stunned.

Apart from their crew, many of Gao He's friends were also at the party. There were at least 20 people in the private room.

They too were from the rich circle, and several trust-fund kids had brought their model girlfriends.

Also present was a second-tier star. She was a supporting actress in an imperial drama. She was quite pretty, and her name was Hao Shanshan.

Jiang Liu was wearing a slim navy-blue suit, and at 186 cm, he stood out.

He looked quite handsome with a wedding ring on the fourth finger of his left hand.

Hua Sheng also abandoned her usual traditional Chinese style and wore a dress.

Her dress was the latest Chanel sleeveless lake-blue dress. And with those thin and fair arms, she was the envy of all the women present.

Especially with
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