Chapter 136 A Change of Nature

More importantly, Hua Zhi had obtained the bracelet before it even hit the market, which was quite something.

At this moment, the media nearby suddenly came up and surrounded them.

"Mr. Xie, what is your relationship with Hua Zhi?"

"Mr. Xie, it doesn't appear that you two have been friends for a long time. When did this friendship start?"

"Mr. Xie, it seems that you spared no expense preparing a birthday gift, the Eternal Love bracelet, for Hua Zhi. Does it mean that, like the name of the bracelet, you intend to be with Hua Zhi?"

Xie Dongyang was rendered speechless, so was Hua Zhi.

"Mr. Xie..."

Xie Dongyang was now quite annoyed with all the questions, so he grabbed a microphone and announced loudly, "I think you're mistaken, Hua Zhi and I are just good friends, we're not together, and we won't be in the future either. So the gift is just a token of our friendship. You all know that I'm a generous person, many friends of mine have all received my family's jewelry, so it's no bi
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