Chapter 160 The Guardian Arrives

In the end, someone had called the emergency number, so both the police and the ambulance arrived.

After this incident, the whole school was shocked. The school board thought that the incident was not good for the school's reputation, so they blocked the news to avoid it being spread.

But Hua Sheng was with the police being interrogated.

Yuan Shao never could have imagined that sticking his nose in other people's business would result in getting his head smashed in.

The most shocking thing was, how could Hua Sheng, who was usually so elegant, have such a violent side?

In fact, ever since Hua Sheng was very young, she had developed a strong sense of self-protection.

If a stranger approached her without permission, she would subconsciously act to protect herself, not excluding using extreme measures.

In her mind, this was legitimate self-defense.

After all, if she hadn't hit him, she would have been kissed, which was something she would absolutely not allow to happen.

Yuan Shao
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