Chapter 164 Compensation in the Form of a Check

When did Hua Sheng start hiding life-saving hairpins in her long hair?

It began when she was very young, around six or seven years old.

Once, she went down Mount Zhongcui with her grandmother and a few maids to gather mushrooms and wild vegetables.

Hua Sheng wandered out of sight and her babysitter lost sight of her.

Unfortunately, she ran into a wretched man, who was poaching rare birds nearby.

When he saw that Hua Sheng was pretty, he suddenly wanted to do the unimaginable.

He first tried to coax her into going with him, but when Hua Sheng didn't go with him, he showed his true colors and covered Hua Sheng's mouth and started dragging her deep into the woods.

Hua Sheng struggled desperately, and then suddenly remembered that she had a hairpin in her hair.

So she immediately pulled it out, pierced the man's eyes with it, and escaped while he was writhing in pain.

Later, Grandma Hua paid a lot of money to find this person. He was later beaten up badly and thrown into the garba
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