Chapter 208 Stirring Things up Again

Hua Sheng took out a history book and browsed through it casually. Then she said nonchalantly, "Girls must lose weight. Otherwise, it doesn't matter what you're wearing, even if it's LV or Chanel, Hermès or Rolex, no one could tell that you're wearing brand names. All people will see is your thick waist, short legs, big buttocks, and round face. So, it doesn't matter what clothes you wear, and what's more important is your figure.''

When Hua Sheng had finished those words, that girl's face darkened. She felt too ashamed to show her face. After all, she seemed to weigh over 150 kilograms.

At this moment, Yu Ping worshiped Hua Sheng. She thought that even Hua Sheng's insults were ferocious, like an instant fatality.

Hua Sheng was already considered as a mystery at the University of Ethnic Studies. No one knew what she was really like.

Hua Sheng looked like a fairy, but she didn't carry herself like one. She could murder with her sharp tongue.

You should say that Hua Sheng was not ju
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