Chapter 231 Being Jealousy

Wang Junxian: "Are you dating Xie Dongyang?"

Hua Zhi: "None of your business."

Wang Junxian: "Financial support of 500 million yuan?"

Hua Zhi: "So what? I'm happy to do that. I think Xie Dongyang is nice, and I'm willing to help him."

Wang Junxian: "Are you sure that you have 500 million yuan?"

Hua Zhi: "Wang Junxian, are you looking down upon me? I, Hua Zhi, am a superstar!"

Wang Junxian: "The Country Garden Villa you live in is worth 120 million yuan, and your two cars together are worth less than five million yuan. You sold lots of stocks and funds to lend Xie Dongyang 100 million yuan. You possess a mansion in Australia worth 80 million yuan. And then your dividends in the Hua Family are worth 50 million yuan at most. Therefore, you have about 350 million yuan. So where did you get 500 million yuan?"

Hua Zhi was speechless for a moment before she replied: "How dare you investigate my financial situation?"


Hua Zhi was annoyed by Wang Junxian, who was so scheming that he
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