Chapter 253 The Cold Shoulder

"You don't have to treat me to dinner. Just tell your sister to be careful in the future; it seems that there are a lot malicious people around her."

"You're right. If she can return safely this time, I will definitely detain her and prevent her from going abroad alone." Xie Dongyang also felt what Hua Sheng said made a lot of sense.

In fact, there was another thing that he didn't tell Hua Sheng, but he did tell Qin Wanyu. Xie Dongyao did not actually go to Nepal alone. She went with a girlfriend from Canada, who was also a Chinese girl named Lily Yang. He had heard that the girl's family was also very worried, and they had called the police in Canada.

So when Hua Sheng told him that Xie Dongyao had a few malicious friends around her, Xie Dongyang suddenly realized that Hua Sheng's prediction was right. It seemed that she was not talking nonsense; she was really good at divination.

Hua Sheng didn't think too much when she made the divination for Xie Dongyao because it happened pure
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