Chapter 281 Playing Hard to Get

Upon hearing Hua Zhi say those words, Wang Junxian scratched his forehead without admitting anything. Truth be told, these days, he had already gotten used to Hua Zhi's temper.

Hua Zhi might have looked tough on the surface, but in fact, she was sometimes like a child; thus, for her to behave like this was quite normal.


After hearing Hua Zhi's words, the woman looked at Wang Junxian.

"We have something to discuss; can you give us some privacy?"

Wang Junxian looked at Hua Zhi as he made the request. Hua Zhi hadn't planned on hanging around until he heard Wang Junxian say those words. Afterwards, she directly sat beside him.

She held his arm intimately and said, "My dear, what can't you say in front of me? Remember what Grandma said during dinner that day at your house? She told you not to hide anything from me, and she said that if you mistreat me in any way, then I can tell her."

After hearing Hua Zhi so intimately call his grandmother 'Grandma', there was really nothing
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