Chapter 305 An Unlucky Omen

Jiang Liu called out "Sheng", but Hua Sheng hadn't responded.

"Sheng, Sheng!" he yelled her name a few more times.

Hua Sheng eventually lifted her head slowly. Jiang Liu noticed that the way she was looking at him was different than usual.

She looked at Jiang Liu for several seconds before coming back to her senses.

"Why are you here?" Her breath was still weak as if she could stop breathing at any minute.

"I heard you shouting in your dreams. Did you have a nightmare?"

Hua Sheng nodded...

Jiang Liu took out a tissue to wipe the cold sweat from her forehead and then held her in his arms.

As Hua Sheng leaned on Jiang Liu's warm chest. She finally felt some warmth, and she felt much better.

Hua Sheng's breathing was weak. Leaning against his chest, she was extremely fragile.

"What did you see in your dream to make you so frightened?"

"I..." Hua Sheng tried to recall that dream, but her head started to ache terribly.

"Don't think about it. Let's just forget it. It's over now."
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Dear editor please download more chapters, I have spend quite a lot on certain stories and I really want to see the end of the story every each that I read. It is quite frustrating when obviously and purposely you slowing down the downloading.
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Leslie Cazcarro Lanuza
Finally Hua Sheng is opening up to her husband. He can help her calming during nightmares.

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