Chapter 318 So Manly

Xie Dongyang was a little surprised that Liang Xiaoxiao would ask such a question now, so he didn't know how to answer her for a moment.

The two were locked in a stalemate for about ten seconds or so.

Xie Dongyang then glanced at Liang Xiaoxiao and explained, "Even if Hua Sheng hadn't appeared, we would've still broken up eventually, because, in the past, I was just such a jerk. I treated women as clothes and changed them just as often. A woman was just an accessory to me, so breaking up was inevitable, and it has nothing to do with Hua Sheng. However, her appearance has made me realize what a jerk I was and made me change. Now I... I have a little bit of an understanding of what love is."

Liang Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and felt both jealous and envious. If only she were the one who could make Xie Dongyang understand love, how wonderful that would be?

"Alright then, thank you for telling me."

Liang Xiaoxiao turned to leave, feeling a little disappointed. When she came to see Xi
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