Chapter 331 Young Master Jiang Is Jealous

Xie Dongyang had never been interested in cats, nor did he like women with cats. He used to think that cats were troublesome and a pain, but that had all changed after he met Hua Sheng.

At that time, in order to find an excuse to see Hua Sheng, he voluntarily let Blackie scratch him.

Later, he even bought a cat the same breed as Blackie, and named her Snowy. Unfortunately though, he did not have time to take care of it. He left that job to the nanny.

Now, he could recognize Blackie straight away because he had been scratched by him once before, kind of like that saying, "friendship grows from exchanging blows".

Blackie was extremely intelligent. When Xie Dongyang held him, not only did he not retaliate, but obediently lay in his arms.

He was actually pretending to be a tame little cat.

Xie Dongyang was ecstatic. He picked up Blackie and entered the door. He even took a photo with Blackie in his arms.

Blackie was quite well behaved at first. Xie Dongyang thought that he might be
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