Chapter 366 The Secret Is Out

Xie Dongyao herself was stunned. This was probably the most bizarre thing she had ever heard in her life. If it had come from someone else, she definitely would not have believed them.

But this was Jiang Liu, a big shot with great prestige. The Jiang family was even more illustrious than the Xie family. Why would he make up a story to frame them?

After calming down, Peach added, "Last night, Miss Xie Dongyao was able to escape harm because of our Miss's intervention. You avoided the time of the great calamity, and someone else became your scapegoat. I went to ask at the police station. Last night, the perverted killer killed a girl again. She's about the same age as Miss Xie Dongyao, and the murder took place just three kilometers away from where Miss Xie had parked her car. The murderer pretended to be a substitute driver and killed the girl, who was drunk. The method used is the same as before. I think if not for our Miss, you would be a corpse now, Miss Xie. And Mr. Xie, you would
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