Chapter 374 Staying Awake for Seven Nights

Feng Xi's arrival had given the desperate Jiang Liu hope. Still, he didn't tell anyone about it because he didn't know if she could succeed.

With regard to his company, Jiang Liu used an excuse, saying that Hua Sheng was sick and needed care. He hadn't gone to work for half a month. His father just thought that the couple was having a fight, so he didn't ask much.

Jiang Liu followed Feng Xi's instructions and personally went to a run-down Taoist temple several hundred miles away. There, he saw the only person in the temple, a deranged Taoist priest.

Yes, this Taoist Priest wasn't only filthy from head to toe, he was also talking nonsense. His words were incoherent, making him seem extremely unreliable.

Jiang Liu called Feng Xi to confirm that it was him, then he drove him back to River City.

In the private room of a certain hotel.

According to the crazy Taoist's request, Jiang Liu ordered roast goose, braised beef, smoked ham, and steamed whitefish from the Tai Lake. Finally, he
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