Chapter 449 You're Beyond Help

Hua Lin knew that she should not take risks, but rationality could never overcome emotion. Even if she did not have a child, she also knew that she would not live too long.

So she thought it was better to leave Bai Hao a child. Hua Lin loved her husband very much and they had a great relationship.

Bai Hao's parents were also reasonable people. They knew that their son had married a cancer patient, so they never put him in a difficult position. They often came to see Bai Hao and Hua Lin, buying nutritional supplements for Hua Lin.

In the Bai family, Hua Lin found the warmth that she never had as a child. That was the feeling of home.

They were different from the Hua Family. In the Hua Family, aside from money, she really didn't have much.

By contrast, the Bai family treated her like their own daughter, which made her more and more reluctant to die. She was even very afraid of death.

Hua Sheng and Hua Zhi strongly disagreed with the birth of a child. At that time, Hua Zhi even aske
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