Chapter 452 I'll Accept Everything

Xie Dongyang was filled with envy when he heard Hua Sheng say that she wanted to protect her husband.

She looked like a delicate lady, yet during times of adversity, she could bear in mind the overall situation and was willing to help her husband from behind the scenes. Such a woman was hard to find.

Her physique was small, but there was a great strength lying inside of her. Xie Dongyang felt that Hua Sheng was so different from others. She had an aura that no one could ever match up to.

Seeing that Hua Sheng was speaking openly with him, Xie Dongyang knew he should return the favor. Still, he had given all the information he had gathered to Jiang Liu without keeping a copy.

So he recounted to Hua Sheng what he could remember from the report he had read previously.

This was the first time Hua Sheng was hearing what had happened to Jiang Liu five years ago.

After listening, she was extraordinarily quiet. She was neither upset nor distressed, and definitely not in despair.

It was
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