Chapter 455 Mysterious Background

Her grandmother had fallen deeply in love with a businessman, but that man had instead used her talent to look for the ancient tombs of royalty and aristocrats. This was before bringing people to steal from them and strike it rich with the dead's possessions.

In the end, when her grandmother had found out the truth, she had been deeply upset. Right at that moment, she had been betrayed. It turned out that that man had other women and had never been serious about her great aunt.

In her moment of anger, her great aunt had cursed that man. When that man and his mistress were out at sea, the weather had turned stormy and overturned the boat, causing the scandalous pair to drown to death in the ocean.

Because her great aunt had performed such acts that went against heaven's will, she committed suicide in bitterness. She had left a suicide note saying that she was too ashamed to be buried in the Feng Family tomb and hoped her grandfather would cremate her body.

After that, she hoped for
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