Chapter 461 Sorry for Making You Suffer

"That's also fine. Then after I'm done, I will go over to wait for you."

After an hour, Wang Junxian indeed proceeded to the duplex house on the North Fifth Ring Road to wait for Hua Zhi. Half an hour later, Hua Zhi surreptitiously arrived while wearing a mask and a cap.

"My god, you really scared me to death. Today... it feels like we are thieves." After Hua Zhi entered, she immediately closed the door.

"Hua Zhi, since we were already photographed, why don't we make our relationship public. It's not like celebrities can't date, sooner or later our secret will be exposed." Wang Junxian instead felt that they should take the opportunity to disclose their relationship so that when the two of them met in the future, they did not need to be so covert about it. This feeling that they were doing something wrong did not feel too good and men also needed some sense of security.

Hua Zhi didn't notice Wang Junxian's expression, and her head was lowered as she was only preoccupied with taking
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