Chapter 469 Underground Singer

The scene was so shocking that Hua Sheng couldn't even close her mouth. There were at least four or five hundred people here, and they were all young people.

"Ebola is my favorite rock singer. He's super talented. He doesn't have a set tour schedule because he travels all over the country. I only found out that he was in River City today, and that he's only been performing one night. All the people here are his true fans. Sheng, how about for one night, be a rebellious rock girl with me? You might discover a different side of you, and it'll be a good experience."

Feng Xi spoke those words loudly in Hua Sheng's ear. Hua Sheng's lips then curled into a smile.

It turned out that a person like Feng Xi also idolized celebrities. So Feng Xi liked underground rock singers, it was indeed very unique.

Feng Xi pulled Hua Sheng all the way to the front. Only then did Hua Sheng clearly see what the singer looked like.

They were a band, but the other band members were not famous. The lead sing
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