Chapter 471 Unspeakable Secret

Hua Sheng scratched her messy long hair and felt a little embarrassed. Indeed, she had said before that drinking was not good, now it was such a slap in the face.

"Last night was an accident. Everyone was drinking and I was curious, so I tried it. I won't drink alcohol again."

After those words, Hua Sheng finished the bowl of sobering soup in one gulp, and then quickly got up to wash and brush her teeth.

Jiang Liu reminded her three days ago that they had to go to the Jiang family manor to have dinner and spend some time with his parents.

Hua Sheng suddenly remembered, so she went out to choose some gifts for her in-laws.

Jiang Liu's parents were really good to Hua Sheng. They were not picky and never interfered with their private life, aside from Madam Jiang's occasional grumble about the fact that she wanted a grandson.

Hua Sheng could understand why Madam Jiang would say such things. Hua Sheng had accepted it and that's why she would not feel embarrassed or awkward about it.

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