Chapter 477 The Entire Family

Yuan Shao was shocked by Yu Ping's words. Maybe he never thought that a timid girl like Yu Ping would ask such a blunt question.

"If you think it's too difficult to answer, you don't have to say anything. It's okay."

"No, I have to answer you."

Yuan Shao finished applying the ointment and wiped his hands.

Then he looked at Yu Ping and said, "There has been a lot of rumors about us during this period of time, and the most terrible one is that I like Hua Sheng and I'm just using you to get close to her. I didn't explain it before because I thought you understood. But I overlooked the fact that girls are sensitive and suspicious by nature. I can understand that you would have doubts. So today I'll make a formal response to you. Yu Ping, I'm not. If I still had feelings for Hua Sheng, I would pursue her directly. I would not sacrifice my own happiness and waste my time by dating you. Seriously, it's not my style."

"You're right, I'm so silly. Sorry, Yuan Shao."

"Don't hurry to apolog
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