Chapter 481 Poor and Mean

"Mom, are you driving me to my death?" Yu Ping's eyes were filled with tears and something she had never felt before, resentment.

"How can you say that? You found yourself a man and we can't talk about it? Once we talk about it, you will die? If you really had a sense of shame, you shouldn't have done such embarrassing things behind our backs."

Yu Ping was speechless.

"Bring him to see us immediately. Otherwise, I will go look for your principal and have a chat with him, asking if he was running a school or a brothel. Why has my daughter become so shameless after coming here to study for a few years?"

Yu Ping's mother was the classic village woman—uncultured and greedy.

Yu Ping felt that being born into such a family was really the biggest tragedy in her life.

Yu Ping didn't continue arguing with her mother, but instead took the list and left to purchase the items.

She was in a daze the whole journey and was completely distracted. She didn't want to bring Yuan Shao to meet them
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Yu ping is a coward.

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