Rebirth of the Scheming Wife
Rebirth of the Scheming Wife
Author: A Light-hearted Song
Chapter 1 Set-up
“Younger Sister, this is the child you had with Xing Beiyan. You’re such a fool, aren’t you? You were already three months pregnant. Why would you lose your temper and run away from home?”

In a white hospital ward, a girl in a white Chanel dress approached the hospital bed with a clear glass bottle in her hand. She had a wicked smile on her face and shook the glass bottle as she spoke.

Gu Xi stared at the glass bottle and screamed as though she had gone insane.

“You’re so noisy!” Gu Xue’er slapped Gu Xi’s cheek. Already in an extremely weak state; Gu Xi’s cheek became visibly red and swollen almost immediately.

Gu Xue’er tried to shake off the numb, tingling sensation in her hand.

“Oh, right. Big Brother Han and I will be having our engagement party tomorrow. Since you’re crippled, you probably won’t be able to attend the party. That’s why we’ve specially invited the media to broadcast the party live on television. Younger Sister, you have to remember to watch!” she said with a proud smile.

“There are so many reporters outside waiting to visit you.” Gu Xue’er walked over to the window and looked at the huge group of reporters that were gathered around the area downstairs before turning around to study the privileged girl whom she had once looked up to. When she saw how pathetic and miserable the girl seemed now, Gu Xue’er looked all the more pleased with herself. “Your doctor just told us that you may never be able to stand again. Daddy said that, from now on, the Gu family can only rely on me. As for the Xing family’s property, thank you very much for your help, Younger Sister. Although you’ve been crippled, it should be worth the sacrifice as our family has benefited greatly from the situation. Also, I hired the person who killed Xing Beiyan.”

“What do you think? You must be surprised! Well, it’s his fault for being so devoted to you. I was clearly more outstanding, yet he only had eyes for you. Now, he’s dead. Dead. Hahaha. There are so many people downstairs right now who are hoping to interview you about what you’ve gone through…”

“Give him back to me. Give me back my child!” Gu Xi’s eyes were bloodshot as she trembled with hatred, staring at the glass bottle in Gu Xue’er’s hand!

Those people had already told her who had been manipulating the situation from behind the scenes. However, she never thought that her sister, who she trusted, could be so cruel.

As Gu Xi recalled the sight of that person lying in a pool of blood, she felt as if someone had punched a huge hole in her heart. The pain was so excruciating that she found it difficult to breathe!

Now, even her only child — their child — was gone…

“Give it back to you?” Gu Xue’er shook the glass bottle filled with formalin and glanced at the not-yet-fully-formed baby inside the bottle as a hint of malice flickered at the corner of her lips. “Come over here then. Come here. If you come here, I’ll give it to you. Or else…” She opened the window and threatened to throw the glass bottle out of the building.

Gu Xi bit her busted lip and propped herself up with her arms before starting to crawl toward Gu Xue’er. Tears blurred her vision, but her eyes remained fixed on the glass bottle.

That was her child. Gu Xi used to imagine how this child would look like once he was born and how he would call her “Mama” in a gentle and adorable voice. However, at this point, there was nothing left for her to look forward to anymore.

“Hehehe. Younger Sister, hurry up. Come a little closer.”

Gu Xi crashed to the ground from the bed and still kept pushing herself forward with her arms to get closer to Gu Xue’er. The satisfied look in Gu Xue’er’s eyes deepened as she observed the sorry state Gu Xi was in.

“Give him back to me!” Gu Xi crawled all the way to her sister’s feet and gripped the corner of her dress tightly with trembling hands before climbing to her feet bit by bit. “Give me back my child!”

“Ugh, you dirtied my dress.” Gu Xue’er tossed the bottle out the window in a huff.

Gu Xi’s pupils shrank at once. “My child!” Her eyes were filled with resentment as she threw herself at Gu Xue’er violently while screaming crazily, “Give me back my child!!!”

Gu Xue’er caught hold of Gu Xi’s wrist and forcefully flung her aside which in turn sent Gu Xi’s weak body crashing onto the side of the window.
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