Chapter 332 I Won't Let Others Know My Identity

He didn't mention why they were there.

"Give me the specific location," Gu Xi said coldly.

"Young Madam!" Butler Wang thought of what she would do, and hurriedly stopped her. "It's too dangerous. You can't go there!"

"So, is Xing Beiyan in danger?" Gu Xi's face darkened.

"I don't know the specifics, but it's very chaotic over there these days. If you go there, you may become someone else's hostage to threaten Young Master. Young Madam, please think twice."

Gu Xi was silent for two seconds. Just as he was worried, her tone returned to normal. "I know."

Butler Wang had just relaxed when he heard her voice again. "I won't let anyone know my identity."

Butler Wang's face changed greatly. When he was about to stop her, the phone had been hung up.

Oh no!

He looked at the phone that he hung up and quickly made a call. "An Yi, take a few people to the airport. Don't let Young Madam board the plane!"

Just as he was making the phone call, Gu Xi had already bought an airplane ticket for
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