Chapter 376 The Strange Gu Xi

aLooking at his resolute leave, the Queen staggered a few steps and almost collapsed on the ground.

"Queen, don't be angry. The second prince is still young. He doesn't understand that you did all this for him. When this matter is over, he will come back to apologize to you." The corner of the maid's mouth curved while she comforted the Queen.

Is Gu Xi dead?

No one knew.

In the blink of an eye, two years passed.

Two years ago, there was a riot in Country H. The first prince was forced to go abroad, and the second prince disappeared. There was no news of the king. In the commotion, the king's younger brother, Jiulan Yuan, had no choice but to return to the court and manage the country with the Queen.

It's the night time and in City Wo, and in Xing family.

"Honey, you're back." Xing Beiyan returned to his home tiredly. Looking at his wife, who came forward to take his suit with a gentle smile on her face, for some reason, he still felt empty and uncomfortable.

Two months ago.

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