Chapter 379 Blood for Blood

But she heard that Gu Xi was shot and fell off the cliff at that time.

How could she still be alive?

"What do you want?" Her eyes flashed with a cold light. Since she did not die back then, she would not let her go since she dared to come here today!

At this time, the Queen only thought of how to kill Gu Xi. She had never thought about how Gu Xi came in. When she was about to call someone, she suddenly felt a sharp pain all over her body. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

She looked up at Gu Xi in horror, not knowing what had happened.

Gu Xi sat next to the bathtub and rippled some water in it. Looking at the choppy water patterns, she smiled and said, "Didn't you ask me what I want?" She pushed aside the hair on her left cheek and exposed the ferocious scar. Under the Queen's horrified gaze, she said softly, "Of course, I'll let you pay, blood for blood."

The Queen shook her head crazily, but she could not make a sound with her mouth open. She wanted to scream because
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