Chapter 405 Are You Allergic To Pollen?

With the addition of two people, the team grew larger.

Since Mo Fan had already invited her, Nan Kui naturally could not say anything more. She glared at Gu Xi angrily and said, "It's best if you don't drag us down." then, she left.

The child leaned on Gu Xi's shoulder. When he heard this, his eyes flashed with coldness.

"Mommy, Tongtong doesn't like this aunt."

It took Gu Xi a long time to react to the word, aunt.

Nan Kui, who was walking in front, staggered and almost fell to the ground.

"Pfft." Mo Fan laughed.

Although the others did not speak, they also felt embarrassed.

After all, Nan Kui was just a college student who had just graduated. Although they could not see Gu Xi's face clearly, they could tell from the voice that she was no more than 25 years old.

They were about the same age, but... at most, her kid should call Nan Kui as big sister. Was this aunt a little too much of a blow?

"You!" Nan Kui turned around and looked at the child. She was too embarrassed to scol
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