Chapter 58: A Man’s Fury

Xing Beiyan was about to enter the car when his assistant, who had been trailing behind him, came over and said, “Master, the eldest daughter of the Gu family sent you a message.”

He had always used two separate phones, one for private use while the other for social and business use. He mainly used his business phone number to keep in contact with his family members and friends.

Thus, many people had his business number.

Xing Beiyan would carry his private phone on him at all times as his private number was only known to Gu Xi.

He would have this phone on sound mode at any time no matter where he was to await her messages.

However, in the past two years, this phone had always been silent. It was only because Gu Xi had finally been contacting him lately that the phone had gradually come to be more actively used.

Naturally, since Xing Beiyan carried this phone on him, no one else dared to even touch it.

Meanwhile, his business phone was usually with his trusted assistant. Xing Beiy
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